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Cammile Sweet

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Vidiset  226                 05/05/2017

A Very Special Messentation

SiteSet 209       05/12/2017

Pastel Paint Party

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This sexy party Giuseppe platform needs to go to a party. But I haven’t had a chance to buy a dress that match with these beautiful pair. They are new and haven’t use it . Just been hiding away in my closet.

My High Heel Collection


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SiteSet 202

A Little Abuse Walk in D&G Heels 03/17/2017

Remember this pretty worn Dolce & Gabbana heels? They have been through alot.I thought I'd give them another abuse adventure by getting them more wet and muddy. The heels are pretty scuffed up from the set I did in the lake a long time ago. And they got more scuffed today from walking on the puddle behind my house that is filled with gravel. Enjoy the video :)

Photo Set

Kate Spade


SiteSet 203

Mud Slings 03/25/2017

Here is a sexy pair of slingback suede that I wore for a nice fun wet and muddy walk. Watch me as I get this beautiful pair of sexy red sling slowly stepped and walk in this little trail. Enjoy the set.

Photo Set



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Here is another sexy random site clip. This time I used my pointy Gianmarco Loenzi with metal heels to crushed some crunchy chips and crushed fruits in my worn Louboutin heels. Enjoy the set :)

SiteSet 204

Sweet Sinking Feeling  04/01/2017

Photo Set

Michael kors


SiteSet 206

When Push Becomes Mud   04/14/2017

I was trying to avoid getting my sexy Giuseppe Zanotti red snakeskin slingback heels muddy as I was pushing the wheel borrow out of the way. No luck from getting it dirty as much as I tried to avoid it. Watch as my expensive heels sinks in the mud as I work and push the wheel borrow oout of the way.

Photo Set

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Miu Miu Slingback


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Stuart Weitzmen


SiteSet 205

Wash To Wet  04/07/2017

It's time for another carwash. This time I am wearing my sexy Jimmy Choo suede anouk heels.Getting them soak and wet as I continue washing my SUV. At the end I pour the rest of the water from the bucket onto my self. Enjoy the set

Photo Set

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SiteSet 207

Suede Sweep and Soaked    04/21/2017

Cammile's sweeping in the patio,wearing her new suede boots. When she decides that the patio needs a better cleaning, she decides to rinse with the hose. Getting her brand new suede boots a little wet.So the water doesn't stain the lower part of her boots. She soaked the entire boots instead. Enjoy the set.

Photo Set

Via Spiga


SiteSet 208

Bend, kick, Crush and Mess  04/27/2017

Here is a fun set with my Gianmarco Lorenzi heels. I've gathered some left over food on the ground like apple, little keurig tea cup, banana and sealed caramel apple frosty. From there I started with bending my pointy heels on an apple, followed by crushing the little tea cup, crushing the banana with my metal heelsand the apple too, crushing the foil lid on the apple frosty and squizing the container until the goody sticky stuff comes out and make a very mess out of it. Enjoy this sexy set with lots of shoe action scene.

Photo Set

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Two Lips


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SiteSet 209

Pastel Paint Party   05/12/2017

Come and see me paint my legs, feet and heels with these pastel colors I've got with me.Let's get very messy with my sexy open toe Madonna heels. Enjoy the set.

Photo Set

Vidiset 226

A Very Special Messentation  05/05/2017

In this special video written by and produced by MudMax.. The scene opens with Cammile showing up to a party which is in her honor. On the table are several her of her shoes that she has used in several other videos or shoots. Pierre the store owner comes over to greet her and introduces her to people at the party and asks her to make herself at home. Camille casually grabs a bowl of ice cream and starts walking around the display table. Soon she starts talking to people and having fun but all the while being very careless with her ice cream. The first few drops land on her boots and subsequently afterwards  her mess travels to the table where Pierre was showing her special high heels. Before you know it is display is totally ruined by a careless Cammile who at this point is starting to draw attention to the crowd who is scurrying to get out of the store. Pierre tries to stop everybody from leaving and comes back to Cammile in a very angry mood. Cammile then tries to play it off like not too much happened but Pierre keeps on getting more and more upset. When she remarks that it is no big deal he finally loses it and picks up one of the desert bottles and squirts her leather dress. Cammile cannot believe what has happened and before she can react he squirts the leather dress again causing a mess all over the front of it. When Cammile gets very upset and says that what he has done is not considered art he picks up a blue bottle and continues to make a mess all over the front of her leather dress. He then grabs the upper part of her Michael Kors boots and starts filling them with the pudding that he had setting on the center of the table. He keeps pouring in till her boots are totally full. He then angrily unzips the boots and starts spraying mess all over the inside and up and down her legs. Pierre then storms off and leaves the party where Cammile is left wondering what to do. The next shot shows Cammile finally getting to her house and entering a shower where she must get the mess out of her boots and off of her dress.

Photo Set

CL Platform