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High Heel Abuse

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Train Wrecked.  April/24/2010

Am I dreaming or not?  For some reason I find myself out in the middle of nowhere. I’m dressed very well and I’m also in beautiful BCBG heels. I figure my only way out is to follow the railroad tracks so I start on my way trying not to harm my heels. Well as a little time goes by my heels wind up getting shredded

Sweet’s Revenge.   May/02/2010

This is a shock my boyfriend betrayed me! If I only had a dime..... Anyway when he does I take his girlfriends new business heels out for a walk. I figure the riverbed is a nice place to take them and I can film things as I go just so he’ll see how it went. I totally ruined these shoes!  ....revenge!

Office Deal.   May/09/2010

In this set I play them make a girl waiting for the anchorwoman to arrive on the news story. When we find out it’s going to be a while the cameraman tells me that he has a bit of a fetish. Since I lost a bet in the office he suggests clearing all debt in the lieu of me getting my high heeled boots muddy.  ....... I’ll d

Sheer Delight.   June/08/2010

Have you ever had one of those messy roommates who just leaves her clothes and shoes flying all over the place? Well I have a real stiff way of telling people that I don’t want them to do that anymore. I simply just chop them up. You should’ve seen the look on her face when she came back.

San Suede Stone.   June/19/2010

Today I went out for a walk just before sundown. I didn’t bother to stop at the house and change before I did it so I was wearing some standard office attire and very cute suede heels. See how they handled the abuse very well as I chip away at some sandstone rock.   ......Scraping heels!

Two Miu Miu’s Part one.   June/25/2010

I have a very dear friend with very expensive taste. He sent me two brand-new pairs of Miu Miu’s sent for destruction. In this first set the destruction begins as I purposely penetrate the purple patent pumps permanently. Posing with my purple plaid dress and my purple pumps. I go to work on the suede Miu Miu’s first. I brought some wine with me for a little drink and thought my friends might like a little drink as well. Next I start stomping on the second set with my BCBG heels.

Two Miu Miu’s Part two.  July/11/2010

In this set there is further damage to be done as I turn my attention on to the patent Miu Miu’s. Stomping, scraping, bending, and cutting. The purple patent Miu Miu’s didn’t stand a chance against me and my knife! After that I turned my attention back to the suede heels and finish them off by pouring wine and stomping them so hard that I break the heels off of my BCBG shoes.

Two Miu Miu’s Part three.  July/24/2010

Wait I think I can hear them singing. And now, the end is near, and so I face, the final curtain. Well that’s singing will soon be drowned out by the sound of crunching, sawing, and a bench grinder. Who not to mention that they get stomped on by my LB boots.  ....they sure did put up one heck of a fight!

Stuck on Glue.  July/11/2010

Another stressful day but this time I’m going to stay far away from the mud and the rocks. So I get out of my car and grab a cigarette and light it up, take two steps over and looked down to see that I have just stepped in a pile of goo. Real sticky goo! Watch as my office shoes try to get out of this very sticky mess!

Messy Recycler.   August/01/2010

We here at Wet and Messy Me want to do our part to recycle, and if we can make a sexy video out of it in the process, then that’s called hot and sexy innovation. In this set I start crushing cans and bottles but the strange thing is they still have stuff in them. Watch as I mess up these wonderful heels sent to me by a great fan.

Two Sexy.   August/08/2010

Having the support of your friends while you’re doing a fetish site is a true gift. Having your sexy friends in your site is even better. Enjoy Nikko and I as we break in her new LB’s. There is a lot of wonderful shoe play,and wet office attire, in this soapy and sexy set.

Dangling Dangers.  August/18/2010

I figured it was time to bring out some of my every day high heels or a little torture. In this set my truck dies on a road next to a farmer’s field. I walk along the road for a while and get tired. I spot a little pond and sit down on the dock to just dangle my shoes above the water. Well one of them falls in and what happens next is a muddy mess! With one shoe I have to walk off the dock and as I approach my shoe sitting in the water, my other foot and high heels start to sink into the extremely wet mud. By the time I’m walking back to the truck I have to extremely muddy shoes and wet feet.

Can’t Get a Break.   August/25/2010

Maybe that Do-it-yourself brake kit wasn’t such a good idea. I mean what do you want for $18.00?

Here I am driving my SUV when my brakes give out. As hard as I try I can’t get my car to stop! You can watch as I pump and pump on the brake pedals with no results. Finally, right at the end my brakes finally grab and I come to a skidding stop!  

Simply Abused.   August/30/2010

What started out to be a nice stroll at the beach, turned out to be a challenge for me. After noticing some nice rock formations I accidentally nicked the heels on my nice white shoes. Knowing that I wasn’t going to spend the money to repair them I decided to have some fun and destroy them instead. I scratched and kicked which tore the leather from the heel but, when it came time to break the heel from the shoe... It would not break! I tried and tried but the little white heels wouldn't loose the heel. Well they won this round!!!! But you wait! No shoe wins when it comes to Cammile!!!

Wash and Rinse.   August/30/2010   

I started out to the mall when I noticed that my car was so dirty that I couldn’t see out the windshield. I was way too lazy to go back in to my apartment to get changed and I knew the sunny day would dry out anything that got wet. I hoped that was the case for my Colin Stuart suede heels.They got totally wet, and with the special soap I used they have become even slippery than ever. My feet were sliding all over those heels. So after the hour it took me to wash my car it was only then that I found out..... It wasn’t even mine!!!!....

Introducing Jakie.  September/12/2010

Say hello to Wet and Messy Me’s newest talent, Jakie. She is bright  funny and a joy to work with. Jakie starts her first video moving packages in to her garage. But climbing the stairs gets a little tougher when “someone” puts glue on to her step ladder. This stuff is very sticky and takes everything Jakie has to pull free! She tries desperately to pull her heels to freedom but they are just too stuck. Finally after after several minutes of twisting and turning the glue snaps and Jakie is free. But now Jakie is on a mission to find the bandit who walked in and did this to her new heels.

Hauling with Heels.   October/03/2010

Sitting behind me is my favorite little grocery wagon. Unfortunately for me and my high heels somebody used it to haul rocks in the backyard. Fortunately for you I’m dressed in an extremely hot Guess dress and wearing brand-new powder blue Aldo heels. I mean really I just went to the grocery store what else am I supposed to be dressed in? l

In this set I tried feverishly to pull my little grocery wagon up the hill in the mud, while my Aldo high heels went from a pretty light blue to an extreme muddy mess.

Locked Out.   October/11/2010

My friend Jake has a very difficult time trying to get in to the the office. It seems that  someone has locked the office door and forgot to tell poor Jake that the side entrance was locked as well. Now who would do that when a rain cloud looms directly overhead? Jake’s day gets even worse when it finally starts to rain. Even standing under the eave of the building doesn't stop her from getting her Nine West heels all muddy and stained by the clay dirt directly outside.

Flat Tire.    October/25/2010

I took a back road short cut to avoid the traffic on the main highway. Hearing a loud noise and then a thumping sound I stop my car.As I get out I notice my tire is flat and better yet the car had stalled in a puddle. As I try to change the tire I get my Carlos Santana satin pumps totally ruined by the mud. I try first with the tire iron, trying to break the nut free by stomping on it. And when that doesn't work I try to get a foot tire pump and re-inflate it. Poor me nothing works and all that I did was scratch, bend and ruin my expensive heels.

Split Decision.   November/01/2010

Here I am trying to do my part to save the planet again. As I walked into the  recycling center to drop off some old shoes, the man behind the counter told me that I could not leave them like that.He said to me that the leather had to go in one pile and the metal inside of the shoe had to go in another. I knew that I did not bring any tools with me to do this kind of job.As I turned, I noticed that there was an old log splitter there and asked how much it was. After agreeing on a price I started to dismantle my Steve Madden's so I could separate the shoes into different bins. Now I have only four

Remote.   November/08/2010

Poor Lea all she wanted to do was to go shopping with Violet Skye and Cammile. Unfortunately her insistence gets her into trouble with Cammile who aims the remote at her and accidentally teleports her to a remote location in the middle of nowhere. Now she is forced to find her way home wearing brand new snake skin high heels which you are about to see get totally trashed.

Winter Warming.  November/16/2010

As winter sets in Cammile is caught out in the cold in a knit dress in short jacket. Stepping back into her home she is freezing and does her best to get into a warm shower. With her fingers still numb from the freezing cold outside, she tries to undo her very expensive Casadei high heels. She soon finds out that her fingers are way too cold to undo the buckles and gets up to turn on the shower. Cammile heads into the shower fully dressed and finally starts to warm up. Camille even has a little more fun as she rips up her sexy pantyhose. Believe me when I say that the shower wasn’t the only thing steaming.